Deep Roots Class Notes: Sensory Impressions of Herbal Actions

A fulfilling beginning, thank you for connecting ~

Isn’t it eye-opening how much we can discover about the actions of a plant on psyche and soma, with just our senses?

To learn more about herbal energetic patterns in your own studies, in addition to the the classes I’ll be teaching locally there are some wonderful long-distance resources.

Rosalee de la Foret teaches her cook-friendly model at Taste of Herbs

Kiva Rose has talked extensively about energetics and actions at Kiva’s Enchantments

Matthew Wood talks about his approach at Sunnyfield Herb Farm

Jim McDonald teaches energetics, actions and tissue states with the humours at Herb Craft

And here’s a worthwhile talk that ties it all together from Sajah Popham at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Your Take-home mystery tasting herb was Blue Vervain.

7song talks about it here and Kiva Rose gives a write-up here

Next week we’ll look at the art of systemic witnessing, healthy harvest, concoction-crafting focus, and more foundations for this emergent path in unraveling times

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