Deep Roots Class Notes: Demystifying Preparation and Delivery

We began by reading Kiva Rose’s beautifully vivid and timely excerpt Enchanting Medicine Making, shared from a downloadable Plant Healer Apothecary guide that arrived just as we were to speak about it. Well worth checking out.

We toured a few menstruum bases that can be used for making herbal medicine preparations, and various forms of delivery.

water base – hydrosol, flower essence, decoction, tisane, infusion, baths, steam, homemade homeopathic, extraction temperature of constituents in steeping and uses of temperature in application

oil/butter base – salve, oil, perfume, bolus

vinegar base – liniment, dressings, oxymels

alcohol base – tincture, liniment, prep step for others

sugar base – syrups, oxymels, lozenges, honeys, glycerine tincture, fizzy drinks

gelatin base – broth, gummies, jellos, popsicles

plant base – poultice, fomentation, juice, adornment, altar, incense, powders,  fermentations

And we explored a framework for simplifying intersecting considerations – appropriate preparations at hand, compliance & investment (including support, urgency and appeal), delivery access to location including systemic/topical, layers of self to address (body, soul, emotion, cognition, environment). And practiced the logic with a couple of scenarios.

Two trusty medicine maker’s guides are Richo Cech’s Making Plant Medicine and James Green’s The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual.

And your take-home mystery herb this week was the lovely tincture of elecampane root.


Absolutely loved teaching this foundational series! It’s my hope to help you connect with the plants and deeper systems around us in an embodied, authentic way that empowers you to grow freely as an herb lover. Will refine and run it again sometime.

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