Herbal Allies for Sensitives


Here’s a wonderful piece from Worts & Cunning, Herbs and Essences for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.

I’d add cedar used as an energetic or essence, for very protective boundary enforcing so you can rest, for connecting a sense of grounding (moist earth) with purpose (sky) and by doing this creating a sense of balanced, adaptive tension (gentle wind swaying). I like tincture single drop doses (yeah it’s gummy), just having it around, or closing the third eye and lower belly/sacrum with a homemade cedar oil when needing to tune out

People who consider themselves empaths or HSPs will enrich our communities and their own lives by learning about the neurodiversity paradigm. As we develop a common language and the eyes to recognize societal and built and relational enforcements of neurotypicality for the pervasive violence they are, the less traumatizing and more welcoming society will become for autistics and all divergent folk along the edges

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