Cami Renfrow

Edge Practical Alchemy offers education in energetic herbalism and somatic arts. I’ve been practicing and studying traditional herbalism, earth medicine and esoteric traditions for a couple of decades, first opening to their reality and effectiveness while healing from being crushed under a car as a young woman. To tell that story I wrote Dance Through It: Gleanings From A Near-Death Experience about end-of-life shifts in consciousness and integrating numinous experiences.

In years past I’ve been a home birth mama, hospice volunteer, and somatic educator, and I pay close attention to the edges of our embodied experience  – the liminal spaces – where transformations emerge.

My work is to share tools that connect us with the power and wisdom of the soul, as expressed in our bodies and the rest of the natural world. I focus on bioregional herbalism from a vitalist perspective in a transitioning culture, and somatic journeying for integration.

More Bio + Influences

Hibiscus Dakini by Jennifer Baird