Dance Through It

Dance Through It ~ Gleanings from a Near-Death Experience


“I’ve read a lot of accounts of near-death experiences … But I’ve never before read an account that was more articulate about not only the event itself, but the effort to integrate the overwhelmingly altered perceptions and points of view that can result from an NDE.’

“This is a total MUST READ for each and every one of us who has ever accessed the subtle body in any client, friend, pet, stranger on the street. We are One.’

“I was greatly moved by it. I cried through almost the whole thing… some of the ideas you put forth ran outside of the bounds of … my very specific ideas about God and religion, but they definitely made me think and question.’

“Your little book is a portal! Very few sentences are required to send me to other realms.’

“I just finished reading this – tears of gratitude streaming down my face.’

“I just can’t help but to be drawn to it…and every time I read it, I gather more…. It resonates so deeply inside of me. I do not have very many people, if any to share these thoughts with and for a lot of my life I have felt a little ‘too out there’ for people…knowing that there is at least one person out there…it has given me fuel.”

“I have 10 or so books dealing with n.d.e experiences and over the years have read and often copied every n.d.e on every website I can locate. This one is one of the best, if I can use that word, that I have ever read.’

“I have read many (NDE) and had one myself. yours is the most phenomenal experience that I have ever read.  You were a ‘ripe fruit ready to fall off the tree’!’

“Since reading your book I have felt connected and inspired – which I haven’t felt in a long time, if ever… This realization has recently dropped me to grateful humble tears because I felt powerfully connected and I maybe never have. When I am in this space I can feel something undeniable and amazing.’

“This book is now on my recommended reading list for mentees, trainees and other seekers … some of the most challenging concepts I’ve ever encountered … both accessible and thorough.’

Reviews from release site.  Paperback and digital available for purchase hereOr download the PDF of it free here.