In February   –  Deep Roots: Foundational Herbal Skills Series

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Coming up in 2018… 

In April – Incense Crafting Workshop  Just in time for Beltane, celebration of sensuality, we meet to practice honorable harvest, collect local wild materials, then gather in the kitchen to prepare incense. Sip a little enchanting blossom tea as you learn the basic formulation and how to make it your own. Take home some of your handcrafted incense beads to smoulder on charcoal or toss in the Beltane bonfire.

In May and June – Plant Ally Series This is how you develop your herbalist toolkit with real plant ally relationships, getting in-depth with one plant at a time. An herbwalk/kitchen series diving into the character, patterns, sustainable harvesting, essence and myriad offerings of one local plant per class, with small homework through the week and follow-up reflection in the next class. Create a new type of formulation each week so by the end you’ve got hands-on experience with most major forms of preparation.

In October – Cold, Flu and Fever Series What are the home pillars of resilient winter immunity?  How can we best support the body’s efforts to resist pathogens, and to heal quickly when it does succumb,  while keeping as comfy as possible from those miserable symptoms?

In November – Winter Wellness Pantry Prep We’ll take over the kitchen preparing staples of the herbalist’s winter pantry: fire cider (aka dragon juice), fermented sauerkraut, elderberry elixir, root & bone broth, neti wash, electrolyte tea, home-brew cough syrup, lung plaster. Take home enough to start your kit, and the knowledge to replenish as needed. Best paired with the Cold, Flu and Fever series.

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