Deep Roots

Deep Roots:  A series of three classes exploring foundational skills of grassroots herbalism

Begin forging an effective, wisdom-based relationship with plants in the herbal remedies you’re already using. Go beyond the store. Perfect if you use herbal remedies, essential oils, or homeopathics and have been craving an earthy, embodied understanding of the plants within.

First Three Mondays in February, 6-8 pm ~ Salida

Classes are a mix of lecture, tasting and exploring, experiential meditative practice, reflection and Q&A. Take home some creations to delight the senses. All covered material available online to print for your continued studies.

2/5 – Intro to Plant Energetics  Begin to read herbs’ therapeutic and energetic properties with the information gathered directly by your senses. Learn the physiological effects on the organs of the flavors on your tongue. Practice meditative plant communication for unforgettable imprints.

2/12 – Radical Roots  Plants as teachers. How to cultivate relationships with plant allies, synchronicity. Sussing out reliable herbal teachings and info. Honoring ethical and ecological dynamics in our healing. Grassroots herbalism as subversive. How to develop a knack for the art of reading systemic wellbeing, witnessing what’s ripe for release in the self and community, wise pacing and approach.

2/19 – A Tour of Preparations  Choosing the right traditional medicinal or ritual tool for the job – poultices, teas, tinctures, syrups, oxymels, soups, oils, smokes, baths, energetics…